Why Coffee Reporter

You may be wondering why this blog is named “The Coffee reporter”.

Let me tell you a story.

It all began in 2017.

I gave up my work in communication as I had one question that was continously on my mind: “what makes me happy”.

I have always been a dreamer. 

I just love and pursue the idea that to live a fullfilling life means to wake up every morning, show up, and live the best version of yourself.

I know what you think… “but HOW is it linked with coffee?”

Living a happy life is possible only if you do what you love. I’m sure you agree. For me this is COFFEE.

I just love the idea to share my passion for coffee, to write about it and to travel meeting other coffee lovers.

And now you are wondering: “WHAT makes you different from all the thousands of coffee sites?”

I can tell you what I’m not.

I’m not linked to a specific roaster, school, idea of coffee. I am open minded. I can drink a panama geisha and the same week I can try to make dalgona coffee. I love to experiment.
Coffee world is so wide that you can really travel with imagination, flavors, and brewing methods.

Be open.
Plus, having a strong law and communication background my approach is more anlytic, I love to give voice to people far from the noise of big news, big data and big influencers.

I am the voice of a niche.

This is what I am. What I want to give you, reader.

If you are searching for a place where to share your love for coffee, feel free to join us in this coffee trip around the world.

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