Filetto al caffè

Caffè e spezie. Un legame che da secoli è strettissimo, indissolubile. Caffè e cardamomo, caffè e anice, zucchero, cannella. Il più delle volte il caffè viene però utilizzato in pasticceria ed in generale nelle preparazioni dolci. Vuoi per abitudine, vuoi per la facilità di utilizzo. Il caffè, sia estratto (quindi in forma liquida) sia macinato […]

The price of re-opening

Today, 3rd June, Italy is officially reopening all its activities and the free circulation between regions. Despite the optimism of workers and employers this time is the most challenging for the Country since 1945. After three months of lockdown activities recorded a major loss in their earnings, as a direct consequence it is foreseen that […]

Young Cup Coffee

How did you start roasting? It happened by chance or you had this passion due to a family tradition? Tell us something about the beginning of your company. Well it just started by chance in 2005 and I really didn’t expect to fall in love with coffee. I found myself in a completely new world: […]