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Apulia is an extraordinary region. It is the perfect example of historic meltingpot, with so many different influences.

Coffee reached Apulia thanks to the commercial exchanges in the past centuries, this is the reason why coffee tradition is so well rooted in this stunning place.
While travelling to Apulia you can’t miss out one of the best micro-roasteries in Gravina city, founded in 1984. There you will find: coffee culture, smiles and a spirit of sharing passion and knowledge. 

Today we have Luigi that together with his brother Vincenzo are the souls behind Pierre Cafè. Let’s see who they are.

How did you become a roster? Was it a family tradition or it just happened by chance?

We are the second generation of roasters. Our parents founded Pierre Cafè in 1984, the first artisanal micro-roastery in the area. You see, me and my brother, were raised up among juta bags. The freshly roasted coffee has Always been a familiar aroma for us!

Personally I began my roasting activity when I was 16 after that our father developed an intolerance to coffee. In 2010, after a brief experience in London, I’ve introduced specialty coffees in our roastery starting to to change my parent’s tradition.

Which is your personal approach towards Specialty coffee? How to you deal with it and which is the relationship with the Italian consumer?

After 10 years dealing with specialty coffee we have been able to create a network of coffee lovers and we are constantly supporting Young micro-roasteries that are new to this world. We are big supporters of networking! The Italian market and consumers are new to this field but we must admit that we are pretty satified of the nice feedbacks from our customers. The Italian market has always been  a synonym of quality and good taste Worldwide.

How do you value the specialty coffee scene in Italy and specifically in your are which have been the greates difficulties?

You see, I believe that information plays a major role: specialty coffee is a product that has to be narrate, explained to the consumer. If you are able to show your added value, you passion then your customer’s network and the number of coffee lovers will increase day by day.

Do you believe the Italian coffee scene will develop in the next five years? Or do you rather think that the Covid-19 will change what we have done so far?

I believe this is a critical pturning point. The Specialty coffee scene in the next years will develop. This is the time for a real revolution and evolution, we cannot exploit resources as we have done so far! Specialty coffee is this too: a fair and healthy product both for consumers and producers. 

Tell us, which is the greatest challenge for a micro-roastery in its daily activity?

Working in a micro roastery is quite demanding and challenging. You must be passionate and determined as to compete with big companies. This is so true on the Italian market where the dark roasted coffee is extremely rooted as a tradition.

Which is your advice for who wants to follow your path and become a roaster?

Never-endng ducation, extreme passion and a huge sacrifice spirit.

Last question I promise. If you could express your wish for the coffee sector, what would it be?

I really hope that the micro-roasteries could share their passioante work as to increase more and more the request for quality coffee

I must thank this amazing guys.
**Don’t forget to visit their website: https://www.pierrecafe.com/ where you can find coffee beans roaster from Luigi. Furthermore Pierre Cafè has been for many years in a row in the top three roasters champonship in Italy.

Piazza Cavour, 26
70024 Gravina in Puglia (BA)

Buy local, buy quality and share your passion. 
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