I Druper Coffee – Passion Beyond coffee

Today I am very pleased to introduce you another small Italian roastery. My enthusiasm is due not only to the fact of great coffee they sell but because they are friends and I know how much passion and effort they put in their everyday activities. Let’s meet Raimondo Morreale, the roaster of i Druper Coffee.

How did you start roasting coffee? Was something that you always dreamt of or it just happened by chance? Tell us how you became a roaster.
First of all I’d like to underly that I am working in the coffee sector since many years. Only when I had the opportunity to join a big coffee company working and serving the entire province I started developing passion for coffee. My daily activity as a supplier has always been linked with selling, and this, as we know well, is sometimes despite the quality. But thanks to this company I had the chance to attend semianrs and courses and my passion got deeper. Thanks to a close friend of mine the idea of becoming a roaster was not merely a dream but it became a project, a real one. Shortly after a competition in Rimini, at SIGEP, I bought my first roasting machine. With my partner we decided to go for the big challenge: soon we bought a bigger machine, a 6Kg Giesen.

Which is your approach to Specialty coffee?
For us the role of specialty coffee (and good quality in general) should be to engage the more people we could. Day by day we try to connect the more people we can. As we noticed that moka is the most popular way of brewing coffee at home we decided to offer beans roasted for moka, online and in our shop. Despite the low knowledge of good coffee quality, in our area, we are facing increasing curiosity.

How do you see the Specialty coffee scene in your country?
The journey is still long. Despite this I truly believe that something is changing in Italy as well. This new attitude is possible thanks to the daily work of our baristas that day by day are trying to improve quality and service. In our region, Trentino, we are one of the micro roasteries dedicated to the specialty sector but we are confident that things will change here as well.

And how do you think it will develop in the next five years, considering also the current situation (covid19).
In the next years I am pretty sure things will change but for a big shift it will take time. Still too many bar and coffee shops in Italy don’t have the right knowledge and skills as to recognize a good quality from a poor product. They don’t even know what Specialty is.

Which are the greatest challenges a small roastery has to face in the daily activity?
The challenge is only one: people. Day by day we are facing this situation. We should educate people as to avoid a wrong perception of coffee quality.

What would you recommend to someone that is willing to approach the roaster profession?
First of all education. It is never enough. Secondly, do one step at the time, Always being aware of the market conditions.

If you could make a wish about the coffee sector what will it be?
That’s a good question… I truly hope that people could change the attitude towards coffee quality. We need a shift as we have seen with other products: think about wine. If it is not good we don’t drink it right?
Only if we make a step forward we can change. Barista will be recognized as a high level profession and we will find a coffee menu in every bar, starting from popular blends paired with specilty beans.

I wish Raimondo’s words will turn into reality in the next years and that people coud make a quality shift. Thanks to people like the roaster we are meeting we can work on communication, education and rea quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to get in touch with I Druper coffee:
Via per Zambana Vecchia, 9, 38097 Terre d’Adige TN
IG: @i_druper_coffee