A lost occasion – Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee in the last few weeks is a trend topic. With small roasteries goint to the big shopping chains people are getting more and more curious about this. There is still a misunderstanding of the word “specialty”, many tend to use it as a synonim of “special”, saying that this coffee is special. But without adding why and how it was produces or roasted.

I had the occasion to visit few coffee shops here in Milan.

I wil write about them in the next few days, let’s start with the first one I have visited.

The district is not easy therefore I was really curious to see how it was working: Bar Affori, in Affori district in Milan.
The street is the main venue of the istrict, nice houses, nice shops, in general it is quite full of people. I went there on Thrursday morning, around 11am.
I went there with the people I am working with on a new project, they were curious to try this “specialty coffee” I am always talking about.

The place was nice, on a sunny day with few tables where couples and friends were having a late breakfast. I have ordered two double shots as to try the single origins they had that day. A very polite guy brought the coffees to the table and when I asked him to tell us something about the coffee cups we had in front of us he simply replied he was not a coffee expert. And returned inside.

Coffee quality was good indee but the lack of communication left me a little bit skeptic.
My thought is: if we want to promote specialty coffee, entering the main supermarkets, organizing competitions, workshops and so on…why we fail to get people closer to coffee in our daily life?

Honestly this place was quite far, it took us around 40minutes to get there by motorbike, we were curious to see how specialty coffee could be sold and appreciated in a “far” district and not in the city center and communication has been almost zero.

We paid, thanked for the service and went.
Definitely a lost occasion.

This is only one personal though about the specialty coffee scene here in Milan.
Time is right as to be brave enough and try something good but we must be careful and communicate as much as we can with our customers. We must get people closer to good coffe, specialty or not, coffee must unites us.

Only communicating we could ask for a price increase, for better working conditions, for more in the coffee field. Get people closer and make them aware.

Coffee unites us…

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