Coffee parfait

As summer season has officially began we are always searching for something nice and sweet to finish our meals or to eat for a nice break.
Today I want to give you the easiest and home made version of famous crema al caffè that in the last five years has become pretty pop in Italy.

The difference is that you are using a very small amount of sugar in this, no powdered milk and absolutely no palm oil. Yes my dear friends, because if you ever have te chance to read the ingredients of crema al caffè you will be very surprised about how much stuff is in it. Everything except coffee…

Here we are.
What we need:
200ml soy milk
80gr egg whites (liquid)
1tablespoon espresso coffee (made with your fav blend)
1 teaspoon sweetner (I am using stevia)
Using cold milk, place all the ingredients in a cold bowl and whisk well for about 5 to 10 minutes (better using an electric whisker).

Serve with some cocoa powder or with a coffee bean.

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