How to impact the coffee comsumption

While the world is still struggling with the Covid19 virus, slow and timid signals of re-opening are becoming stronger in our cities. Milan and Italy have slowly started to re-open since 3rd June. It is quite early to foresee how these three months of complete lockdown will affect the coffee industry. What is sure is that in these weeks we have changed our way to drink coffee at home.

Coffee pods, whole beans, moka, filter, cezve, new and old ways to brew and drink coffee at home have changed.

The biggest challenge will be to change the quality perceived from our customers. After months of “home made” coffee, online shopping and home brewing how will the Italian average consumer perceive the quality of coffee brewed in a bar?
This will have an impact on the price increase the sector is asking since weeks and in some timid cases have tried to apply.

How will the average consumer see the traditional coffee cup that was sold for 1€ now, the same coffee blend, the same barista, the same place but with a major price applied?
This is a great challenge but it could be the turning point we have always waited for: if we start communicating the changes we have made (trained staff, cleaning procedures that have now become a routine, a better coffee selection just to name a few points)we can easily apply an increased price.

The quality not only will be higher in our customers perception but it will be an objective imprived quality.
What we must be aware is that customers may be distracted but have become even more demanding: if we sell the same product, the same bad quality but asking for a price increase this will be the worse communication strategy for our brand. No matter what we could do later, our reputation will be marked forever as the worse one.

At the same time, but from the opposite perspective, as customers what shall we ask for and expect?
Higher quality for sure, but a real one, not only perceived improvements.
Moreover we can decide WHAT and HOW to consume coffee: buying less but buying better.

In the last weeks here on The Coffee Reporter we introduced you a small selection of micro roasteries having their base in Italy, from North to South, sharing their stories on Meet your Roaster section. Supporting local micro enterprises is a great way to show your change as a consumer, furthermore it helps small businesses overcome these difficult weeks and it helps you choosing quality over quantity.

Buying from micro roasteries not only is an act of support, love for your local community but it also helps the producer’s countries and last, but not least, it is a great act of love towards our planet: avoiding big quantities of coffee pods will reduce waste, pollution and it will make you save money.

Isn’t is great? With a bag of coffee you can support people, producers, environment and do good to yourself choosing quality.

Buy less, buy better.

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