Entrepreneur Mindset

Now that our activities re-started, restaurants and bars are ready to welcome us back. It’s not the place to write about safety as we all should keep it in mind. What I want to express today is a general feeling that we need to switch our mindset.

Until now we have just been executors, wether we are the cafè owner or a simple employee. Now as to take the advantage of this critical situation we should make a step forward.
Let me explain you better.

As I always thought, a crisis is a great opportunity to change what hasn’t worked until now. So we should be honest and admit that our business model until now was not ideal neither it was fulfilling. We weren’t able to achieve a good life-work balance and our business at the same time – despite our efforts – didn’t increase. What we must do now is seeing our activities, business and daily life routine as entrepreneurs. Id doesn’t matter if you are an employee or if you lost your job now.

Mindset is everything.

For the ones that have a business first thing take your time before making any kind of new investments and write down a business plan. You should also have a clear vision of your marketing plan (which is the step by step strategy and the content you wish to create as to advertise your work). Write everything down: having clear, reacheable and challenging goals will make you wake up every morning with a clear purpose.

Secondly don’t go for that investment because everyone did so or because everyone says it is right to but that stuff. Take away, plexiglass barriers and so on… Stop and think what you really need for your job. Maybe, now you should need more a social media manager or a marketing Advisor or again a designer for a new menu.
Stop and ask yourself the right Investments for your own business. Don’t go for what Others thing is right for you.

Third, change your menu. This is the right time to do it. Changing your menu adding new dishes, making it shortes and easier to be read. Consider take away or delivery options. Include new beverages. Train your staff on the new offer and let them be your spokespersons. Never underestimate the value of a good written menu, it is your business card even before the customer walks in.

Train your staff. If in the past you had no time to do it now you cannot make excuses. Find time. Your HUMAN RESOURCES are resources, you should get the best from them. And give them the best: training, balanced salary, a nice working environment. They will work for you and with you. Never forget this rule.

Train yourself. Now you had time to get focused on your business. You are the brand ambassador of your business, your activity rotates around your personal branding. Take that marketing course, go for latte art or brewing seminar, improve your marketing skills. You are like your business: you should adapt, evolve, change. Don’t stick to your past.

Having a business mindset is not only a matter for business man or shop owners.
It could be related to everyone of us. We are the best version of ourselves when we are fulfilled, balanced and have a clear goal. If you are an employee don’t stup updating your knowledge, education is the focus. It is the key secret to success, be updated, propose something new and innovative to your boss, try new recipes, go for that.

Results now will be only for the ones that invest in their mindset. There is no space left for average minds out there. Thankfully…

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