Young Cup Coffee

  • How did you start roasting? It happened by chance or you had this passion due to a family tradition? Tell us something about the beginning of your company.

Well it just started by chance in 2005 and I really didn’t expect to fall in love with coffee. I found myself in a completely new world: I could hardly even imagine how much work and dedication lies behind a single cup of coffee. After many years working in a  major roasting company I thought time has come to give my personal contribution to the coffee world. I attended specific courses and seminars that allowed me to give my personal touch to coffee. With time I found the way to create my small niche.

  • Which is your personal approach to Specialty? How do you deal with it and which are the Italian requests?

The first I approached a specialty coffee I must admit it hasn’t been easy. I mean it could be seen as a good quality bean but it requires a further step: in order to roast it a deep knowledge of roasting procedures is required. We always try to carefully select our products as to give them our personal “touch”. In Italy we are aiming at increasing the knowledge of the specialty coffee.

  • How do you see the Specialty scene in Italy and in your area which challenges do you have to face?

Well you see the Italian market should still adapt to the idea that coffee could be a poem. With our work we are trying to show people that they could drink coffee is a different and new way, in a totally unexpected way! We are constantly trying to include our customers in the latest approach to coffee – from recipes to new extraction methods.

  • Do you think that the Specialty coffee scene will develop in the next 5 years? Or do you rather think that the improvements done until now will simply be forgotten due to the COVID19 emergency?

Despite the sadness of this situation I strongly believe that Specialty will find its own way to survive and to be valued by the dedicated coffee shops. We are facing major chances and quality is always more and more researched.

  • Could you tell us the major challenges a micro roastery has to face in its daily activity?

Competing against big companies is not easy. Micro roasteries carry passion, dedication and study. Our mission is to talk more and more about the raw material we are using and our main goal is to welcome in our coffee shops an increased quality.

  • Which advice can you give to someone approaching roasting?

Study and practice. Try to keep yourself updated and never give up.

  • If you could make a wish for the coffee sector, what it will be?

I wish every single person could have the chance to taste and excellent cup of coffee.

Don’t forget to check out Young Cup website and order your Specialty Coffee beans:

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