Why coffee price should not increase

Last week we expressed our thoughts about why coffee price must increase.
Today’s headline is a little bit provocative  but not completely.

Let’s see why.

Price increase is seen as a sudden revolution to the consumer’s eye. He should be aware that something is changing and therefore a higher price will be required. For coffee as well. Re-opening and automatically applying a higher price will be seens as a marketing operation just to gain more from consumers.

An increase is totally justified and encouraged by customers too when the perceived quality is increasing. This means that it’s finally time to let our customer live an experience. Till now we have been more focused on numbers. How many coffees were sold and how much we gained.

Now the time has come.
Have you ever thought why when Starbucks opened the first roastery in Milan, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, people no matter how long and the weather conditions, they were simply waiting in a row outside. Just to get a coffee?
Absolutely not.
People queued to live an experience. And yes they were keen on paying 5€ for a nitro coffee or even 10€ for affogato.

Till now we were too focused on the “traditional service”. Someone coming inside our coffee shop, asking for an espresso, paying, and bye bye.
Now we must become Coffee Ambassadors. We must explain the customer what he is drinking, guide them if they don’t have any idea of what to order, encouraging new brewing methods – yes with free samples as well! – applying marketing actions.

When we refer to marketing, in Italy especially, it is seen as a “bad thing”, like aiming at something not so transparent and clear. Marketing is the way to promote your product, personal branding is a kind of marketing. The barista must work on his personal brand and the same time he must apply all the marketing leverages: social media, promotions, free tasting days, open roasteries, clear menu display.

If behind the bar you have a passionate and professional worker, and you have a strong marketing strategy your selling position will become day by day stronger. We should differentiate ourselves from people working with the automatic pilot inserted. We should make a step forward, become entrepreneurs.

This is true if you are an employer too. No matter how or what but being the spokesperson for coffee is our mission.

If you don’t love the product you are selling how could the consumer love it, and therefore pay more?

If you don’t love the job yo are doing, so you are not expressing your best skills, why someone should pay more for your supposed professionalism?

Now it’s the right time to change the way we buy but the way we sell too. It’s time to focus on how to manage a bar, how to offer an added value, how to communicate more efficiently. Only if we do these best practices we can think about a price increase.
Nowadays we are not still facing the worst liquidity crisis that will be the consequence of this 70days lockdown.

When people won’t have the same economic resources, and the outcome will be clearer around September, we must be ready to offer not a better quality: we must offer the best experience ever to our custom, on a daily basis. It will be a strong and challenging commitment but it will be the only possible approach as to see an increase in quality perceived and in the way people consume.

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