Coffee as a meditation

As we spent and are still spending most of our days at home brewing coffee became not only a necessity but a pleasure for most of us.
Brewing at home became not only a moment for coffee lovers but more and more people approached the art of brewing.

At the same time another practice increased in the last two months: yoga and meditation related practices.

You may be wondering which is the link between coffee and yoga. One is exciting. The other one is relaxing.

Personally I have approached yoga almost ten years ago. In the begin it was just the easiest way to ease my pain after a healthy problem. Then it became part of my routine. Now it is my must to do when I wake up at 5am, starting the day with sun salutation and a brief meditation practice.

Right after yoga practice comes coffee: I am heating water, grinding beans, taking the paper filter, dripper and server and then I start brewing my morning coffee.

Here comes the link: have you ever tried to take your freshly brewed coffee cup, sit down on your mat or just taking a pillow and lying down with crossed legs.

Try it following my coffee meditation. I have “found out” this practice couple of years ago, in Greece. Waking up at sunrise, getting out of family’s van and start brewing coffee by the sea.
So tomorrow take your coffee cup (works better if you wake up at sunrise, when everything is quiet). Sit down on the floor or on your yoga mat. Cross your legs.

Take your cup, close your eyes and inhale the coffee aroma. With eyes closed sip coffee slowly. For each sip breath deep, inhaling and exhaling.

Don’t open your eyes, continue sipping coffee slowly. You will find out that with closed eyes sitting in complete silence not only you can enjoy coffee in a deeper way but that your drink will be so complex, you can smell and taste flavour in a very distinctive way.

After finishing your coffee, put down your cup and start your yoga practice. Slowly, not too intense. You can take a couple of minutes before starting just to ease and prepare your body to the yoga flow.

I am working at a guided meditation for coffee brewing mornings. It will be uploaded on the podcast The Yogi Barista on Spotify, so don’t forget to sign up and follow the new episodes.

For now enjoy this short and yet relaxing video I made this morning just before starting my morning routine. 

Let me know if you try it cause I definitely bet that you’re gonna enjoy it.


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