Are we ready to be back?

As lockdown is beginning to loosen and coffee shops are about to re-open some urgent questions need to find an answer.

After almost 10 weeks of complete shut down of roasteries, coffee shops, trade and consuming coffee outside our homes how will be the new way to drink coffee?
Are we going to buy take away coffees? Street-coffee vehicles will appear in our squares selling coffee outside the traditional shop?

Will the Vilnius model be applied to Italy as well?

One step at the time. First thing we have to point out is the difference between delivery and take away. As Italy is not used to consume coffee outside the traditional venues, we should highlight that delivery is the way that coffee is delivered either by riders (think about Glovo, Uber Eats or Just Eat, just to name a few companies operating on the field) or by the coffee shop’s personnel. Whereas with take away, the consumer buys the drink/food and walks away.

It may be obvious but uncertainty and too much confusion reign nowadays. The information spread very quickly and there is a big “noise” with no clear guidelines.

Secondly, how can we manage to operate in a traditional venue with the limit of 4sq per customer? It is estimated that half the traditional venues won’t have a sustainable income in the next semester and will be forced to shut down their business**.

Third, and this should be the main concern about the coffee sector:

We are considering the opportunity to increase the coffee price which is, undoubtely, a fair thing to do as we have Always supported. But being a consumer too I am wondering and trying to find an answer to my doubts: increasing the price should be the consequence of a higher quality right? I think we can easily agree on this point.

Here comes my doubt: the coffee that we are trying to sell now at a higher price will be served with no saucer, in a paper cup, no steel spoons, no table service in most cases but the point is…

Which coffee are you using in your blend?

I am asking this because I am wondering who bought coffee in the last three months?

Who roasted coffee in the last weeks?

How can a price increase be justified considering the total lockdown of the last ten weeks. My thoughts are provocative but at the same time it is a serious concern because as a consumer I will be more than available to pay even three times the normal price as long as I receive a substancial increase in the quality.

And I wish to point out, not a perceived increase in quality but a real one.

I am leaving comments and thoughts come up to you freely my dear reader…

As someone said…Let’s wait and see.





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