Lavazza adv – What lies beyond beauty

From the 1st of May the new Lavazza adv is on air. The contet has been supervised and managed by major communication agency Armando Testa under the supervision of the executive creating director Michele Mariani. The video has been produced by Movie Magic International.

The new campaign is framed in a wider strategy that goes beyong Lavazza USP (unique selling position): by using the hashtag #TheNewHumanity Lavazza aims at a wider and deeper message, far from coffee consumption.
As reported by Carlo Colpo, Group Marketing Communication Director and Brand Home Director:

we aim at people’s heart with a positive message coming from the past. Lavazza goes beyong the traditional role of brand communication becoming the spokesperson of the urgent need of a new individual sensibility. Innovation, sustaiability and tolerance will be the basis of our new renaissance.

The new campaign video has an innovative script that comes directly from the past: the speech held by actor Charlie Chaplin at the end of the movie The Great Dictator, released in 1940. Lavazza aims at supporting the entire Italian population. The photos that we see on screen are masterpieces of Steve Mccurry, Dennis Stock e Jerome Sessini.

With this release in less than three days the historical brand recorded conflicting reactions: the majority of the Italian population replied in a positive way but outside our country major disapproval have been posted on social media. On YouTube channel the comment section behind the video reports words such has: “propaganda“, “never again my family will buy from you”, you are manipulative” and so on.

Wether you agree or not one thing is for sure: marketing and advertising have dremendously changed in this last four weeks. Major companies stopped thei rmarketing campaign (among them Coca Cola), other came back on tv (Ferrarelle) and other like Lavazza changed the tone of voice: from consuming to reflecting.
The true outcome of this new marketing strategies will be clear in the next six months when people will have to face the true outcome of this crisis.

Regarding coffee consumption what can we expect?

International Coffee Organization (ICO) believes that a deeper effect on coffee global demand will be recorded as a consequence of the Worldwide recession activated by the direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemia. By reducing the family’s spending power the coffee demand will be reduced in term of volume. Customers that are highly affected by economic effect will substitute high valued coffee with commercial blends or brand with a lower value.

In order to deepen the ICO research you can visit:



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