How to brew ibrik at home

This is a quick video for all my Italian friends asking how to brew ibrik at home. No professional equipment needed. Just your copper pot.

I have used:

  • 6gr finely grounded coffee for ibrik
  • 60ml water at room temperature
  • a gas stove
  • cup and saucer
  • a spoon

If you don’t have any ibrik at home it is super easy to get one online. Search online and you will find the most convenient just to start.

So simple!

Check the video for how to brew it

(It’s in Italian but the procedure is very simple, for everyone but if you need any info don’t heasitate to ask, it will be a pleasure to answer your questions)

Let me know what you think!

And in the next few days I will give you more details about the coffee I am using.


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