Italian hospitality massively affected by COVID19

Italy in the last seven weeks has been massively affected by the ongoing pandemia COVID19. Since 8 March the entire country is under a lockdown. Only groceries stores and pharmacies are now open.

Italy’s P.M Giuseppe Conte on Monday evening announced that the so called “phase 2” will gradually start from May 4. On this day a slow re-opening strategy will take place. Schools will remain closed till September, with severe consequences on student’s life and families needs.

We must point out that the hospitaly and tourism sector, that alone produce close to 15% of the GDP have been left outside this decree. The most predictable hypothesis is a general re-opening on June 1.

Since Italy has one of the most extended World Heritage (just to mention among these food, sightseeing sites, beaches, museums) it is cristal clear the dramatic effect this decision will produce on the entire sector.

Yesterday  Fipe (Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi) supported the initiative of a flash mob organized by a group of spokerspersons representing coffee shops, pastry shops and restaurants (Osterie e Ristoranti d’Italia). Starting from San Marco Square at 9pm and taking place in the whole country people will stand as to ask for Government’s support.

As declared by the organization President, Mr. Stoppani: “We must re-open as soon as possible. Companies are dying and if we don’t act immediately the risk of illegal activities is extremely high”.
Politics seems to be deaf to this desperate appeal.

The federation is asking to re-open before the forecasted date in June in order to save what the Italian food sector have built through the years: not just restaurants and coffee shops, but an entire heritage system with cultural, historical, social values and high professionalism that otherwise risk to be lost forever.


More updates will come in the next days following current developments. We stand with our colleagues and all the workers affected by this emergency.






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