Bulletproof coffee

These days are for sure something unique. It’s really difficult to find a new routine, to find a purpose to wake up every morning. I personally found this routine to wake up at 6 am every day, post a story on Instagram and send a wake up message to my friend Renata that is following and supporting me in this crazy challenge called #6amchallenge.

Despite waking up relaxed and full of energy suddenly around 11 am I start my down phase. So most days I take a break: brew some coffee, drink a magnesium glass or simply open the window and breath fresh air.

What is difficult nowadays is also to find a routine for lunch so most days I end uo eating something quickly in front of my laptop: protein shake, a protein bar, some fruits and so on. But when I really need to boost my energy I take my kettle, coffee beans and prepare myself what at first sight sounds really weird I am honest.

Bulletproof coffee is very popular among the fans of keto diets and keto lifestyle, basically a kind of nutrition where you limit to the maximum amount the carb intake It’s something difficult to stick to, especcially if you love fruits, veggies and follow a Mediterranean diet but once a while I use this way to eat in order to give me more energy as it is high in healthy fats (like fatty fish, avocado, olive oil and so on) and moderate in protein. Bulletproof sometimes is my to go breakfast followed by a mini portion of grana cheese or some slices of beef bresaola. Thanks to the caffeine, mct oil and cinnamon I am putting in it and a small amount of organic butter I feel immediately full of energy. Here is my recipe:

  • 250ml freshly brewed filter coffee
  • 8 grams butter (better organic or grass feed cows)
  • 10 grams coffee cream
  • 6 ml mct oil (easily found online)
  • cinnamon or cocoa powder

Brew your coffee according to your favouritte recipe. Transfer the coffee in your blender and add all the ingredients. Blend at high speed until a nice and frothy cream creates on top. Switch blender off and serve. Add some cinnamon too if you like the flavour. Nutmeg or cocoa powder goes well too.

For most of us drinking cofee blended with butter is something weird and sounds disgusting. I thought that too before trying but butter blended with coffee gives a nice and richy texture to the drink. For me is something to try now that we are forced to stay home, is not something I would insert in my everyday life but once in a while why not. For sure it gives you energy and boost your metabolism. *Be sure to chech your calories intake because this drink is poor in nutrients except fats, so if you are searching for something to have a break could not be the best option.

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