Life is changing. Too fast.

Only few days ago I wrote a post about how we should adapt to new changes, how a crisis could be seen as an opportunity. I strongly believe this is true but believe me when things are changing too fast it’s becoming really difficult to adapt.

I’ve Always been a great supporter of flexibility, how challenging – if life requires those changes – it is to change work, city, life, friends and so on.. But believe me when Yesterday the official news that the World of Coffee will be postponed to October left me spechless. I had invested so much energy, time and love in the next feews for the upcoming event that seeing this postponed to falls made me feel weak and useless.

I know. It’s not a tragedy, we have to be honest. People outside are fascing real challenges, someone is striving to live, and now I am here talking about a coffee competition. I am doing so because I just wanna highlight how the thing we give for granted are not. Sometimes we try so hard to have total control over situations and people that when we are forced to face the reality we feel lost.

And Yesterday evening I felt lost.

I felt alone.

I felt useless.

But I didn’t cry. I just felt empty. Like suddenly all my energies have been drained.

I am Greek, I have drama in my DNA but this is just to let you know how lost is our generation if we don’t have goals, if we don’t have a passion to drive us, if suddenly our comfort zone does not exist anymore. I just chose my coffee beans for the competition, I set the storytelling, I met with my team to discuss some aspects and flights and accomodations were booked. We just had to train hard for the next months until June. Now postponing everything to October changed our routine. What shall we do now?

The past weeks I had a precise routine to follow and now we face a new situation, we are fighting against an enemy that is invisible, that could enter our lives from one minute to another, and we don’t know how to protect ourselves from this. Uncertainty is the worst thing. But how did I changed my mindset during the night?

I thought that, ok we have two options: cry and be desperate or see the positive aspects of the situation. Let’s go for the second option! We have more time. We can settle a better routine. We hopefully can travel to meet other friends and share our programme. We won’t have to buy everything in just one time but we can buy burners, cups, glasses little by little. We can feel more relaxed and learn better our speech. We can experiment with our coffee and the signature drink.

I know that all the other baristas outside (some of the, guys I really love you for the support we are gicing to each other these days) feel lost, angry, uncomfortable. Just remember that coffee unites us. Together we will do agreat World Of Coffee in October, we will support each other and maybe competition will be fair enough now that we are facing all the same difficulties.

Coffee unites us.

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