#Stayhome: brew coffee & boost your creativity

So here it is: Day 5 of this forced quarantine. In the end is not so bad considering that now you have the opportunity to take care of yourself and all the things you were complaining you had no time to do or try. Here is my short survival-guide to this days and weeks. As I Always say it is important to keep your mind ON because after a while these days will all look the same, and you will feel lost. So set a routine, eat ealthy and take care.

1. BREW COFFEE: yes I know. This is something we do on a daily basis. But now you don’t have excuses. You finally have time to try those new beans, that new brew method, the new recipe you saw online. Take your kettle, grind your beans, brew you coffee. Sip it and enjoy it, wether alone or with your family, coffee unites us.

2.DANCE: yeah dance. Why not? GIve me just one good reason not to dance. .. It fights stress, you burn calories and keeps you fit. And even if you cannot dance, who cares, it’s even funnier and after you will feel so free! (I just put on a latin Spotify playlist and those latin sounds make me dream of nice island and summer vibes).

3. EAT HEALTHY: now you have time to finally commit yourself on a diet. Which means that if you want to lose weight you are welcome. But now no excuses: cook your meals, eat slowly, no distractions, sip a glass of wine (one eh!) and focus on your health.

4. TRY NEW RECIPES: cook something new. I’m sure in your pantry you have a lot of food. Right? So why don’t you try those pad thai noodles you have Always been wondering how they are made? Bake a cake. Try a new kind of cuisine and enjoy a new meal.

5. WORK OUT: don’t say you don’t have the proper equipment. The web is full of videos about no-equipment work outs (my favourite ones are on Istangram), search the ones that seems easier for you if you are a beginner. Plus yoga is totally free, and it helps stretching now that we are moving less, it helps circulation.

6. READ: I’m sure, you like me, have a lot of boos on your shelves. First dust your shelves (see next point) then take that book you bought months, maybe years ago, take a cup of coffee, sit on your sofa and enjoy an afternoon reading.

7. CLEAN HOUSE AND CLOSETS: it’s that time of the year when sun start shining brighter, days are getting longer and flowers are blooming. So shall we be ready to welcome spring in only one week? Yes. So take off your tshirts, light dresses and give your closet some fresh air. And why not clean the Whole house: dusting, sweap the floor, declutter all the useless stuff you have.

8. LEARN SOMETHING NEW: the web is full of free tutorals from Language lessons to guitar, knitting, cooking… I am personally studying some food marketing as I have Always been fascinating about this sector. But I am also taking my Spanish books to refresh my knowledge.

9. BE BEAUTIFUL: think how much time and money you can save now having your beauty routine and home SPA! Take a long shower or bath, have a manicure, buy online some face masks or use mud for your legs or a body scrub. Everything that makes you feel relaxed and helps you relief stress.

10: MEDITATE: take every evening or morning 10 minutes (or more), close your eyes, breath deeply and think why you should be grateful about what you have. Gratitude is everything despie what we are facing.

And what are your survival srategies for those days?

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