Living in uncertainty

This is by far the worst period that our generation has to face. But as I am strongly believing this will also be a great opportunity to “born again” in a certain way. Once the bad days will past I think, I hope to be honest, that we will enjoy life at its fuellest. I cannnot wait to breath fresh air without worrying about kissing someone, about running free with my friends, about hugging my family so tight like we cannot breath… We just have to be patient and wait…

Everything flows just like the river…

What is difficult I gotta be honest is waking up everyday without a specific routine. Almost every evening we go to sleep with news that say the worst is yet to come, we have to stay home, we have to change our lives. It’s easy to lost orientation, to feel lost and frustrated in a certain way. Luckily I have found a great supporting network in friends, my family even if they are far, and womens network online.

Unfortunately in the last few hours (at 3 a.m) I got a communication that the barista Championship that was scheduled in Melbourne has been postponed to November. I am aware that the same is very likely to happen to the World of Coffee that was scheduled in Warsaw the next June.

It is frustrating because it’s like you have to freeze your life. Work has already been lost due to this situation. We had the competition to think about and this would have been a daily routine to follow and be ready for June. Now it’s like walking through a foggy path, not knowing where you are and where it will lead.

I had to stop my coffee purchase with beans ready to be despatched this weel. Burners and stands orders postponed. Speech, that was at good point is now useless until we know something more about the situation. I know it’s not the end of the world, there are by far worse things one can face in life, but this is something that luckily we are not familiar with. Wee have never been forced to face this kind of difficulty.

In the last two weeks I felt very weak. Before all this situation I had so much courage, I felt like a wonderwoman, like I was ready to kick everyone’s ass. Now uncertainty Leaves me speechless. I hope we will find the strenght to work all together once this will pass, we as baristas, we as Specialty Coffee Association, we as coffee lovers…all togther, instead of making “micro-wars” in the coffee sector. There is space for everyone, especially in Italy where coffee has still to grow and change for the better, and especially as we are still few people that are fully committed in the coffee field.

I really hope that my feelings won’t be mistaken for weakness nut instead that we will be honest and will be ready to share our love for coffee among us and with everyone else.

Coffee unites us. Caring is sharing.

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