Create Opportunities

Yesterday talking about the situation we are now facing in Italy about the Corona virus crisis, I talked about the changes one could be ready to take when facing this imposed “stops”.

Now we have the opportunity to look inside us and give full support to the main goals of our life, to the things that make us happy and to the relations that we prefer to quit or to make grow. Well regarding crisis, every time there is a big one (remember just few years ago the 2007, how many years it took us to recover from that) we just reach the lowest point but then like a Phoenix we are ready to rebuilt everything and be stronger than before. I know it’s exhausting but… it’s life, with it ups and downs. These are the steps and values I’ve Always faced in people that made big personal changes when facing a crisis, wether it was a personal or an economic one.

HONESTY – First of all you should be really honest with your self about the point your life is. Once you’ve done so, you can move on. But knowing the starting point is essential. Look inside you and try to figure out where you see yourself in five or ten years. Are you still in the same working place? Are you satisfied with your routine? If you are truly, good. Otherwise start asking yourself what would make you really happy when you wake up every morning. My answer was: coffee.

GRATITUDE – Always be grateful for what you have and what you achieved so far. You have food to eat, a roof on your head, a family and you are healthy. Isn’it enough to be grateful? Start a gratitude journal and write everyday (try to be consistent) the reasons why you fell gratitude, start from small things like someone unknown smiled at, you found the book you were searching for, you are enjoying a hot bath at the end of a bad day in your lovely house.

DREAM – “If you can dream of it you can do it”, right? So have clear in your mind your perfect picture. Where you are, with who you are, what are you doing. Once you have the full picture, this is your goal. Start working to achieve it. On daily basis do something to get closer to that goal. Eat well, sleep enough, take some time to meditate and be grateful, enjoy others support. Work towards your goal.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES – We are liars. But don’t lie to yourself. Excuses are small lies we say to ourselves just to justify our laziness or our lack of willingness to reach a goal or follow our purpose. Be real and realistic at the same time, but always honest. At least with yourself. Your decisions led to where you want to be, keep it in mind!

HUNGER – “Stay hungry”. You just reahced your goal. And now? Settle another one, wether it is a short term or a long term one. Never be satisfied, chase happiness and abundance. There is a world full of opportunities outside. Go and take them.

BE LOYAL – Loyalty and honesty go together. Be loyal to the ones that support you, be loyal to the people that helped you through the process. Be honest with them about your goals, your feeling, the bad and good moments you will have to face through the journey. Be loyal to yourself.

In the end we can say it is never easy to take major changes alone. It is even worse and more difficult when we are forced to do that like in the latest days. Simply remember that crisis could lead to opportunities, once they end you will have a wide world to rebuilt and new jobs, new networks and new opportinities will be available. Just be strong enough to go through the storm and once it will pass be ready to catch the innovative and positive spirit.

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