The 6am challenge – How it can change your mindset

Have you ever thought “Oh my God, again. Another day…”. I bet you think this every single morning when you click the snooze button. Wether you are a barista, an entrepreneur, a student or a housewife waking up and starting a new day can be challenging as climbing Mount Everest.

During the last two weeks I’ve launched a challenge with friend and colleague Renata: wake up everyday, week end and rest day included, text each other and show our coffee mug, breakfast, shower, meditation or whatever activity we are doing as to start our day.

I have followed this routine in the last six months, before I felt more “free” to sleep longer on rest days, go to bed later or eat whatever I like. But then, no matter how many hours I was sleeping, how much water I was drinking, I was tired. Lack of energy, stressed, weight gaining and skin looking pale. After reading Hal Erold “The miracle morning” I was skeptic, I thought that itwas something for early mornings, not a routine to stick to.

While preparing for the competition I was so strict with myself: regular sleeping hours, eating three times a day (even if it was not easy to follow this rule), going to bed early at around the same hour, tracking food, taking some moments for personal growth. This helped me to have a schedule even if I was not working on daily basis but having a routine made me feel organized, useful and productive. For the first time I didn’t have to fill the day to be complete.

The 6am challenge is challenging, really, you have to rely on your mate to support each other, stick to a healthy routine, take time for yourself: I personally have the gratitude diary where on daily basis I write in the morning my goals for the day, how I’ve slept and why I feel gratitude. In the evening I take ten minutes to write how the day has been and why I go to bed with a smile, even if it has been a difficult one or something made me sad.

Food plays another major role: nurishing your body from inside with what it really feels to be right, gives you energy and the strenght to face everyday challenges. Personally I prefer to eat savoury breakfast, drink at leat 2liters of water, take food supplements like electolytes and workout at least 5 days out of 7. Changing habits could be seen as something “naive” from your friends or partner but belileve me this is something that can change your attitude towards different aspects of life. Stick to a routine allows you to kill time wasters, focuse on real goals, grow your network and fill your daily life with healthy habits.

How the #6amchallenge works:

  • wake up at 6am (or earlier if you have to work early),
  • take 10 to 15 minutes to realize it’s a new day, breath and feel the new energy of the day,
  • have a glass of warm water with lemon juice
  • cook yourself a proper breakfast (no coffee only on the rush is not breakfast dear), wether it is scrumbled eggs or yougurt and granola, nurish your body from inside,
  • take 30minutes to: write the gratitude diary, do yoga or meditation, have a hot shower, read a book or simply set the day
  • you can start your day
  • *remember to breath, I know you give it for granted otherwise you won’t be alive but breathing in a concious way is different
  • post a pic of your daily challenge using the hashtag #6amchallenge and share with your mate for this challenge

This is not a proper challenge that will end in a few weeks or when you reacha certain goal, this has to become a routine to stick to, to improve yourself and your attitude, to gain confidence and build a network with other women that want to give their lives a boost.

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