Coffee… decanter

I’ve always been curious about coffee and the new techniques one can use. And what I love the most is the use of an object that is aimed to be used in another way. I love mixing techniques and looking at most experienced colleagues. When I saw some of them using a wine decanter to “filter” coffee I felt like…wow

So why not to try. I bought it immediately and couldn’t wait more to try it in combination with my V60. So basically what I understood, but I will go deeper in this, is that like wine you can use a decanter to give more oxygen to your beverage. In this case coffee.

Giving more oxygen will help to develop all the flavours and give a nice, clean and crystal body to the beverage. I thought this would be a great base to start for a final drink. But I am not very good in mixology, I still need to develop my skills. Nevertheless, the coffee decanter helped me to have a clean cup. Passing coffee twice in it let all the fruity and sweet flavours develop and it is a great way to serve it to your final customer.

Sometimes I’ve seen dropping coffee from one server to another in order to do this, in order to give more air to the beverage and let coffee “open”. I think that this is too shocking for coffee and the decanter works better as it allows coffee to go more slowly from one server through the decanter in the final cup.

In order to try my new “toy” I brewed coffee according to the classic recipe used for v60: 15gr of coffee medium ground size, 250ml water at 90C. Preinfusion/blooming with 40ml around 30” and then three pours: 150ml, 200ml and the final pour at 250ml. Once coffee was ready, after 2.30minutes, I let it rest for thirty seconds more. Then I took the glass dripper and poured it through the wine decanter in my final cup. Then I re-do it.

The result was amazing: clear notes, clear flavour and while it was cooling down all the aromas where even more present than with a classic extraction. So more space for experiments in the next few weeks.

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