Playing with BravoBrewer

Who knows me is aware about the great love I feel for filter coffee. I have approached the world of Specialty coffee thanks and by drinking and making filter coffee. I mostly drink filter and only when I am outside for work or with friends I drink a cup of espresso. So when I saw this device I was like “what?! I want it”. The Bravo Brewer just arrived and I couldn’t wait more to try it.

It seems to be working as a typical V60, it has a funnel (dripper) and a glass server. But… It is something more and it’s perfect if you want to experiment with coffee brewing and/or adding flavors to your final drink. What is more significant is that the device is totally Made in Italy, and it is definitely a plus.

The nice thing is that the funnel is different from a  v60, it has not an angle of 60° but instead an hyperbolic shape in order to help the water spiral. And it is amazing because here you have in front of the funnel a thermometer so you can control the temperature while brewing. It has an open button so you can decide to extract in two different ways, or combining them: by infusion or by percolation.

It has an air valve that helps the hair to be sucked inside so you can aerate the drink. And the most funny and innovative thing is the plastic pipette that can help you inject directly during the brewing flavors, spirits, syrups to add a special twist to your final drink. I immediately loved this device and it has the potential to be the ultimate coffee lover gadget: coffee is meant to be shared and why not do it in a creative way?!

Plus I really love the fact that a brand like TRC is Italian and works in order to give the best quality to coffee lovers, not only to professional baristas. You know sometime equipment can be difficult to be understood, could be expensive and this is the worst thing for the coffee industry. You should make people get closer to coffee, inspire and train new passionate and dedicated youngsters and not keep them far from the extraordinary of coffee

Here is my recipe I tried today with the Bravo Brewer for the very first time ever.

15 grams of coffee, grounded at a medium size (like what you do for filter)

250ml of water at a room temperature, in the kettle reached the 90°

First step wet the paper filter, pour in the grounded coffee. Wet it for about 30 to 40 seconds for the blooming phase, adding about 50 grams of water. Then keep pouring water until 150 grams. Wait 30 seconds and press the “open” lid. Now open the air valve until the middle. Keep pouring until the  water reaches the 250 grams and now open all the air valve.

I love the server, it gives so much oxygenation to the final drink that with the coffee I used, natural beans from KUDU Roastery in Athens it has been underlined and all the chocolaty and sweet flavors just came out.  Enjoy coffee responsibly and share your love.

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