My #roadtosigep2020

So it happened. I won.

Is it so simple, just two words?

It’s not. And it’s not, because people see you just fifteen minutes on stage. You play. You win.

This competition has been the biggest thing I have done so far in my coffee journey. I was crazy and not aware of how big this things are, I played for fun but you know life can be strange. I told my trainers that I want to compete. The first thing Davide, aka The Roaster, asked me was why I wanted to do this. I thought about the most diplomatic answer…”ehm to share my passion for coffee, to prove myself..well, no listen I paly to win”.

I’ve Always been so competitive. So damn demanding that I wanted to be in control of everything, my emotions included. Bt life was planning something different putting me in so much difficult times that two weeks before the competition date I was about to give up everything. I was so lucky to had Simone as main trainer. He lifted me and he believed in me more than what I was doing. I was trying so hard to keep the balance between my life that was a mess with big family health problems, the job I’ve lost in Milan and the struggle to compete. I did this thing almost alone. I’ve closed the world outside and I’ve decided to do this, no matter what or how but I wanted this! I set a hard routine: wake up at 6, grinding, brewing, again the speech. Family “break”and routine again. Body work out and routine again. I was exhausted at the end of every single day.

On Friday the 17th (lucky uhm) I left my parent’s home. Took a train to Rimini full of bags and equipment. I wanted so much to get back and show I succeeded that I was more worried of what others would think if I’ve lost.

The evening before the competition I eat with my team, went to bed early and slept until 5.30 am. Had a shower, breakfast and then went to the exhibition center. I felt like getting back when I was a teenager playing tennis. Entering an empty venue, breathing the fresh air of the morning, focusing alone in the backstage was really like getting back to tennis courts.

A lot of people, from friends to trainers to competitors, told me I was so calm and controlled, almost too cold, like a military with no emotions. It could be true from outside. But inside me an earthquake was going on until the moment the lovely Thomas, the host called my name. Then I only thought, like a flash, about all the people that was with me: Simone my trainer, Davide with his magic hands roasted that winning beans, all the guys there (Renata with precioous advices, Francesca that drove me in the morning, Pasquale that helped me laugh so much that days, Lorenzo so kind and nice to make you calm down with only one smile), all my friends in Greece watching the streaming hoping to made you proud guys. And also, all the people there that told me I was not capable, looking at me with suspicious looks. In the end, I won for myself. I won also thanks to you, because I believed in myself and I knew you were wrong.

I felt all the proud when I finally embraced my trainer. I felt so lucky to have someone to believe so much in my capabilities.

The best prize was getting back at my parent’s house and the next morning Dad came out of hospital after two months.

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