Host2019 – Feelings

Lately I’ve written about my last big experience in coffee: barista camp. Weeks after that were so intense, full of meetings, ups and downs in my mood but the new experience was just what I needed to end this October in the best possible way. I’m talking about Host exhibition that took place in Milan last week.

I was so scared, thrilled, honored and excited to be the head barista for a big company and amazing team like Brita, thanks to my beloved Coffee Training Academy that gave me the opportunity to play with coffee and share the stage with professional baristas, roasters and coffee champions.

During these days I met a lot but really a lot of people from different countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, U.S.A, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland and all of them shared with me their passion about work and gave me precious advices I cannot wait to apply in my everyday life. Brita has been simply amazing: I felt home since the first ever call with lovely marketing manager Jenny. I am so proud and happy to have these people crossing my road cause I’ve learn more in 10days working together than in ages of work with people that do not have passion in what they do. I’ve learn more about water of course, how it affects our coffee cup, the flavours of our food and beverage preparation and what we can do to have a more sustainable activity with water 8less plastic, more savings just to name a few). I’ve learn how to be more open minded meeting people with different back grounds. I’ve learn more about coffee techniques: brewing, grinding, extraction time, brew ratio and so on.

I felt overwhelmed at a certain point, at the middle of these experience. I was sharing my space with lovely Jess from Barista Guild, without her I won’t have the confidence and strength I am having these days after she left. I felt like I have to show my value, pushing myself as always to the limit but before the dead point I just realized that I was there, that people trusted me since the begin, they were curious about what I was doing and not simply judging so it didn’t make sense to worry. Just lived the days there, enjoyed new people I’ve met, learnt to be humble and calm from Gian Zaniol that has always been a source of inspiration but knowing him was like meeting an old friend.

I’ve deepened my skills in communication, felt less shy and less worried about my “performances” on daily basis. I just understood – thanks to all of the people that were there – that some things in life are not under out control so it just doesn’t make any sense to worry too much for that. Simply go with the flow and enjoy every single minute.

I also got amazing coffee beans from friends and I cannot wait to try all them, brewing day after day, cupping, experimenting and most of all sharing. Here below you find a small selection of pics I took during that days. I will goo deeper in my coffee tales in the next articles, this was just part I.

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