Being a #coffeelover

This word has been used by so many of us at least once. When we post a pic of our coffee cup we say it’s because we are coffee lovers, when we attend a coffee festival it’s because we are coffee lovers, when we jus take a selfie it’s because…yeah we are #coffeelovers!

But do you really know how is to live with a real coffee lover?

Through the last past three years I’ve shared my place with a variety of people: flat mates, friends, ex boyfriend, colleagues and parents for a short time. Talking with them and sharing my “space” I understood how weird we look to others that are not so manic about coffee beans and drinking coffee. Not only the way we behave, the way we drink coffee, the way we store our precious beans could be a little bit disappointing for the people living with us. Let me illustrate you how we look to “normal” people.

We don’t just drink coffee.We choose the right beans for that moment of day, the right brewing system, water temperature, grinding size etc. having coffee is a ritual for us, doesn’t matter if it is 6am or 10pm. We love coffee, we love grinding beans with a manual grinder, we love smelling our coffee, we love to touch the beans and experiment with temperature and weight.

We don’t just go to the bar for a “caffè” as said here in Italy. We go for: espresso, filtered coffee, cappuccino or flat white. We are very careful and demanding with our cup and with the poor barista that feels like a judging team is ready to evaluate his performance. We ask the barista to purge, to clean the filter, to foam fresh milk. We ask for a coffee made “a regola d’arte” (made properly). Every cup is a masterpiece.

When people are still sleeping we are grinding our beans in order to get our coffee to go, brew it and ready to go out for work. All this made at 6.30 am in my case. And no, the answer is that I don’t wanna buy a machine using capsules in order to be faster in the morning. When there is a new coffee house in the city we are there waiting to try, taste and smell every new coffee they will be ready to serve.

We smell coffee, sip it, think about the cup profile. We do what others do at restaurants with a glass of wine pretending to be a sommelier. We are coffee-tasters.

Our homes are like coffee houses full of coffee beans, every kind of coffee makers (v60, chemex, syphon, moka, french press, ibrik, aeropress, cold brew dripers).We invest money in new coffee tools, in beans from roasters from all over the world, in books and everything that could make us grow as coffee lovers and learning more about our favorite subject.

Usually, but it’s not a rule, we have coffee related tattoos. When I decided that coffee would be my everyday occupation I got a coffee mug tattoos on my arm. You can see v60s, espresso filters, moka, coffee plants or coffee beans…every kind of coffee related items on people’s skin. And I am also thinking about another one after a coffee trip I am planning for next year.

We invest money in trips often called coffee trips: travel to a certain destination, visit quite a few coffee shops, taste coffee, buy beans, share with your mates your impressions and build strong coffee relationships. We also take part in coffee educational programs (see BaristaCamp), coffee festivals and coffee competitions. Every occasion is a great opportunity to grow the coffee community and make new friends exchanging news, tips or just having fun with your mates.

in the end coffee is a great world, we should see the fun and educational part of it sharing with everyone our passion, why we love this product so much, why we are so fond of it and make people understand that we are not “weird” but we just love what we do in our daily life, yes even outside of working hours.


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