Athens coffee tour September 2019

Athens is a vibrant city. Not only it’s the capital of Greece but it is modern, appealing and with an international twist. Walking there you can find the ancient columns of the Agorà and just nearby a modern and underground neighborhood like Gazi. Akropolis dominates the entire city looking after its citizens and welcomes the tourist, Monastiraki square is incredibly full of colors and voices and the quite and elegant Kolonaki is having slower rituals than the rest of the city.

In such a melting pot, a city divided between ancient times and modernization you will find your heaven on earth, if you are a coffee lover. Coffee shops have always been very popular here but in the last five years a number of specialty coffee places opened following the third wave of coffee in Greece too. From the city center till the outskirts finding your right coffee place is quite easy. Here are the three I’ve visited this month while in Greece with some coffee mates. Of course there is a longer list of coffee places, but it was almost impossible to visit all of them in just 24hrs there. So this is a good starting point. Next time I will be very glad to visit other amazing baristas and try their unique coffee drinks. For now..enjoy my top three.

No.1 The Underdog – Iraklidon 8, Athens (Thiseio)

The first time I went to The Underdog I was still living in Greece and I was just an average coffee consumer. When I entered this place (it was a little bit difficult to find it I must admit after years) I had the feeling that something was about to change in my coffee perception and the way I would drink coffee. I was already used to drink filter coffee (but quality was another thing at that time for me). I went close to the brewing bar and I timidly asked for something “new and good”. And there it appeared..the V60, that brewed my very first cup of Ethiopia beans. Ok the rest is history… The Underdog easily became my beloved place in Athens center. Here you can find their own roasted coffees served by amazing baristas, you can participate to coffee training session with SCA trainers or simply buy some nice gifts for your coffee lover friends. and have a nice talk with The Underdog team. Here we tried: geisha coffee, espresso mar-tiki, double espresso, freddo cappuccino and of course their not-to-be missed pancakes!

Thank you so much to amazing Grigoris Mountanos for his patience and lovely Giorgos Delichristos for your work.

No.2 The Rabbit Punch – Effranoros 40, Athens (Pangrati)

This is the second place opened by the amazing team of The Underdog. It is located in the vibrant and “inn” neighborhood of Pangrati. Here we find friendly and amazing Michalis Dimitrakopoulos ready to make us feel at home. The thing that I love most about these two places is that even if you are talking to international coffee champions you feel like you are talking to friends: they are so open minded and ready to share their vision about coffee that every time you drink a cup there, doesn’t matter if espresso or filter or a drink, you will learn something new from these guys. Sharing is caring after all. What we loved and tasted here: a refreshing and incredibly sweet cold brew, Ethiopia filtered coffee and an unexpected cascara lemonade.

Big big thanks to Michalis for his time with us and the coffee passion he shared with me and my coffee mates.

No. 3. Just Made 33 – Evaggelistrias 33, Athens (City center)

I went to this coffee shop for many months just to drink ibrik coffee (aka know as Greek coffee, turkish coffee ans so on) and their unique sandwiches. On the brewing table you can find all the equipment for a perfect cup of filtered coffee, their Sapid beans ready to be grinded for you and the won award for their amazing work. Just Made 33 is also well know for its food offer, brunch not to be missed. Here we had ibrik coffee, freddo espresso, Irish coffee and some very tasty salty mini brioche.

Thanks to all the friendly and helpful staff we met there on our visit.

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