My first Barista Camp – 2019

One week ago Barista Camp 2019 finished. It was my very first edition of this camp and I decided mainly to take part to it because it was in Greece, few miles from Athens, by the Athenian riviera.

As I mentioned it has been my very first edition of the camp. Before leaving I was so scared, asking advices to my trainers and coffee mates, thinking if I was “enough” to take part to that: “am I enough skilled?”, “I’m quite new to coffee industry, should I take part in that?”, “what would the others think about me” and so on. Then, I reminded myself how crazy I have always been (especially in the past 2 years) so I just booked a flight and after two months I was already living in Greece, I moved to Athens for my first Barista Camp.

As soon as I entered the main lobby all my fears disappeared. I saw a couple of friends, I smelt coffee, I saw people smiling and laughing and… I felt home. This was my very first feeling about BC, and I kept feeling like this for all four days there. I immediately loved my mates: people from all over the world, professionals, champions in coffee competitions, baristas but all with two main characteristic: humble and openminded. I felt really like I fit that environment and I was ready to be like a sponge, to learn as much as I can, to improve my public relations skills, to feel more confident about my coffee journey.

I took part to the sensory skills program and it was such an experience! Trainers and assistants where so helpful, so curious, so available with all of us that I really cannot thank these guys enough. Review what I have already done in the past months, learnt more about the flavors we can have in a cup, how taste changes from person to person, tasted amazing coffees from Asia, Africa, Americas made me woke up every day with a smile. Having coffee smell on my clothes, coffee dust on my hands and doing cup tasting from morning till late in the afternoon was all I could ask for. Sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings and dreams with such a group of professional and incredible human beings was something that went even beyond every expectation.

Furthermore, I had the chance to meet some incredible persons during the given lectures, I tasted incredible coffees, tried the best available equipments and most of all I shared my dream to open my coffee shop with professionals that gave me their precious advices and shared their thoughts with me.

I would definitely take place to more coffee events like this one in the future, I feel like i have so much to learn and most of all I truly believe I can only grow sharing experiences, ideas and feelings with the coffee community.

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