Green detox smoothie

So today in Italy is the end of the holiday season. We must wait until April for Easter…can’t believe it! As always, as every year let’s be honest, one of the main purposes is to eat less during Christmas. But seriously, ho can it be possible?

Sorrounded by the best food both from Italy and Greece for me it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation. Plus this year I got flue so antibiotics were so bitter and to feel better I HAD (I was forced, really!) to eat something sweet.Of course after I felt bloated and full.

So on my first day back on track I had this great smoothie after my morning workout at the gym. I was a little bit skeptical about kale. Everyone abroad talks about kale…chips, smoothies, omelette…everything with kale! But here in Italy…ok we make soup with kale..and…boh, stop! So I was surprised about the fresh taste of the smoothie. It was so good, not sweet but not bitter and the banana gives a perfect velvet sensation when drinking it!

I will definitely have it a couple of days a week now that is so cold in Milan, so it will boost my immune system, give me all the vitamins I need for the day and have a lot of energy! Here is my version of the famous green smoothie:

1 banana

1 kiwi

1 handful of kale leaves

1 cup soy milk or water

1/2 lime

1/2 green apple

Blend everything until smooth and if you want you can add a spoon of maca powder to boost your energy level!

ps. Kale is also so good with scrambled eggs in the morning for a high energy breakfast 🙂

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