French cookies

Sunday. It’s been a while since I wrote on blog. I feel back on track these days as I am back in the streets of the city discovering new places, new bars and new restaurants. I felt dizzy in the last 2 months due to my new job in the restaurant.

I am feeling sick and tired to be honest about how restaurants work in Italy. But that’s another story. Now I am trying to keep focused on my project, studying hard and following my instinct. In the end life is one so…why wasting time with people you don’t love, doing what you don’t like…

I am 30, I’m struggling to follow my dream and make it come true. Everything is so clear in my mind but still something is wrong. Time, places and people. Just need to find the wrong side of the story and fix it.

So Sunday was usually made to sleep until late. Now I am trying to wake up early, following a good diet (as eating pizza EVERYDAY is not a good idea…really), trying new recipes. I have bought maybe….10 new recipe books: vegan, coffee, bistrot recipes, and patisserie ones of course. Today’s recipe comes from the french book about the patisserie à la mère de famille, the historic maison since 1761. I have tried only one of the recipes wrote in this book and it turned to be amazing, super easy  and so so damn good like only the French sweets can be.

Cocoa- pistachio cookies

Ingredients for about 20 cookies

220gr butter (used 100salted)

80gr confectioners sugar

1 pinch of salt

1 egg

30gr sifted cocoa powder

280gr flour

70gr unsalted pistachios

Mix the softened butter with sugar and salt. Add the egg then the flour and the sifted cocoa powder. Add the pistachios, mix it and when the dough is ready put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Take it and cut the “snake” of dough into small circles with a sharp knife. Place the cookies on a baking paper sheet and cook at 180°C for 12 minutes. For crunchier cookies bake for other 2 minutes. Store in a dry and cool place, better in a cookies box.

I brought these cookies at work and my colleagues tried them asking for more. It was a good try, next time I will add some choco chips to make them more appealing! Please note: in case the dough seems to dry to handle add some milk, a little bit at time until it comes in a nice and smooth dough easy to handle.

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