Working in a restaurant…the awful truth

Updating the blog in the last months has been almost impossible…I spent the whole day working, about 12hours per day in the evening.

It has been crazy and I felt so bad…walking no stop for half a day, with no rest is so damn difficult and my body sent signals that “hey girl time to have a rest”… I lost weight then gained it again, my face was so grey not seeing sunshine (if you work in a closed environment and the only natural light you see in when walking to work trust me is not so good for your health). I lost my vacations to Greece this year, working no stop to please my ex boss with no result. Or to be honest the only result was to be so disappointed by his lack of trust that I gave up the job, following one of my best friends advice. In a week two of us left the restaurant.

A lot of people believe that working in a restaurant is a nice job. Well it is awful. Why? Let me list a few things:

you have no social life – the only people you see is your crew,

on your day off you will spend hours sleeping, or at least trying to sleep at 3pm when children play in your courtyard

if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend probably he/she will leave you and perhaps you will have a couple of flirts with colleagues or even customer’s (that’s true both for men and women),

your legs will hurt, and yes pain will be your best friend. Do not forget, back will hurt too

you will loose weight or gain pounds no matter what you do to avoid it

you won’t have time to cook, the only healthy food you will eat will be a salad or a ready to go soup

you won’t have time to talk with your mum… and that will be the most stressful part of the game!

Now that I have changed my job place, working in a nice restaurant with nice people I am regularly hitting the gym for yoga classes and for my daily workouts. I have time and I want to cook nice meals and I have a new addiction on healthy breakfast ideas. On my Istagram account niki_foodclub you will find a lot of ideas. See the gallery that follows, and in the next days a recipe for great banana pancakes will be online!

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