Sicily in Milan

I have always been in love with sicily even though I have never been there. Maybe it is because Sicily has so much in common with Greece, due to the history of the island. Food and wine are very similar as Greek cuisine and gastronomy is a combination of past dominations: Italian, Turkish and with Arabic influences. The use of tomatoes, eggplants, fish, onions, parsley, and fresh herbs is the common base.

When I came back in Milan, in April, I was walking in one of my fav spots: Corso di Porta Ticinese. The street that from XXIV Maggio leads to the city center, a mix of colours, hipster bars and clothes shops so colourful and crowded every time of the day. I have a noticed a new place, black and gold, with a huge selection of desserts. I have stopped and I was starring at the barman dropping spoons of nice and creamy granita in a glass topped with creme fraiche. I knew that was my place.

So one week ago I have entered the cafè with my flatmate ready to give it a try. Betto, the name of this little gem in Milan, is the perfect place if you have a sweet tooth: cassate, cannoli (stuffed at the moment with goat and sheep ricotta, pistachios and choco chips), mini fruit tarts, fruit salads and their spectacular granita. I declare my deep love for granita. And believe me, if you think their granita is that mix of crushed ice and a fruit syrup you are so far from reality. Granita at Betto is creamy, icy, like a dessert. I have tried almond and was so good, with almond milk, not too sweet and not too icy. But the best thing to try here is the classic coffee granita served with a Sicilian brioche and of course whipped cream (not a spray one, forget this!), genuine whipped cream, thick, dense and not too sweet. A perfect combination of flavours, the brioche has a nice and rich flavour and it goes perfectly well with the strong espresso aroma of the granita.

Betto is more than sweets: it has a nice and wide manù of salads and typical sicilian dishes using all the basic ingredients of the mediterranean cuisine. You can also opt for the king of Sicilian street food: arancini. A rice ball stuffed with ham and cheese or eggplants or ragù and then fried. Yes, it’s like tasting heaven.

If you are in Milan do not forget to visit Betto. The lovely staff will invite you to have a seat, enjoy a nice coffee with a nice tart and simply relax watching the people walking in the neighbourhood.

BETTO is in Corso di Porta Ticinese 58, Milan

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