Loren Sweets – a sweet corner in Ticinese

If you live in Milan you will notice how many new places open every month. I was living in Rome for the last four months and I have missed all the new places that opened here in Milan, which I must admit I now consider as my city. I am saying that because I have always considered myself a citizen of the world as I grew up in Bologna, then moved to Athens, then lived for a while in Volos where I have my special home and then moved to Milan in 2013. This city is so live and vibrant, full of opportunities, it’s an Italian city but it is the most international spot in this country.

Now that I am in town I can’t wait to try all the new spots that opened in the last months! One of my fav neighbourhood is Ticinese. From Piazza XXIV Maggio you walk in the narrow street towards the city center. Here you can find vintage shops, nice ice cream shops, nice bars and cafes and…this tiny little pink place: Loren Sweets.

Once I saw the neon sign and decided that sooner or later I would try all their sweets. So last week I have entered the shop. Nice, cozy, with a vintage twist Loren sweets is owned by Tal and her husband Federico I had the chance to chat a little bit with them and discovered how they moved from Israel to Milan, opened this nice sweets shop, how their frozen yogurt is made and why it tastes sooooooo good! Believe me, as I have a serious addiction to frozen yogurt I have tryed every shop in Milan and so far this one is the best! Not sweets, it tastes like Greek yogurt, low in fats and with a variety of topping including fresh fruits, agave or dates syrup, cereals and chocolate ganache.

Next time I will definitely try a mille feuille or tiramisù dessert: layers of cake and ice cream of your choice, topped with whipped cream or ganache.

Loren Sweets – Corso di Porta ticinese MILAN

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