Summer colours – baked eggplants

Summer is here! I am so thrilled. Even if this would be the first year with no summer vacations it doesn’t matter so much as I am back in Milan, doing the job I have always wanted… I will have time to rest later. And in the end Milan is so full of nice places to go, to discover that in the end it could be a great opportunity to discover the city.

Working in a restaurant is such a demanding job for your body and mind, you have to deal with customers asking you thousand times for “stupid” things and at the same time you have to deal with your team of colleagues. When you have a rest day, most of us spend it sleeping, you go to the farmer market buying nice fruits and veggies and trying new dishes or you go outside and just sit in a new cafè or restaurant and see what others do in the business. It is really important to stay updated, seeing what the city has to offer in the restaurant business. I have discovered a couple of new places, about which I will write in my next post.

Today, I was dreaming of Greece which I am missing so much now. I have this desperate and urgent need to go back to Athens soon, see my old neighbourhood and walk in the narrow streets of Plaka drinking a frapè (iced coffee). When I was living in Greece I had always this huge plates of roasted veggies, called briam, with some corn bread. Today, being at home until the work starts late in the evening, I decided to bake my favourite veggie: eggplants. And as I had a cup of Greek strained yogurt I made a nice and light version of tsatsiki, THE Greek sauce.

Baked eggplants with cherry tomatoes and home made tsatsiki

for 2 servings:

2 long eggplants

20 cherry tomatoes


olive oil (use the best quality you can find)

sea salt


sweet paprika

Cut the eggplants into dices and place in a baking pan lightly greased, cut the cherry tomatoes into halves or leave them. Wash the basil leaves and add them to the veggies. Spread some olive oil, salt and pepper and the sweet paprika if you like the flavour of this spice. Toss and put in preheated oven to cook slowly for 1 hour at 180°C. Serve warm with tsatsiki and a nice pita bread slice or rice crackers. It could be a great dish with some feta cheese on top of it, crumble the cheese before serving.


Take a cup of Greek strained yougurt (use these brands: Fage, Olympus, Kri Kri or Vios in the glass jar, they are the best if you cannot find home made yogurt, if you are not in Greece I mean). Cut half a cucumber and grate it, leave it to drain the water. Add the grated cucumber and if you like the flavour put some grated garlic (1 close is enough). Put some pepper, salt and some olive oil. Mix it until smooth. Add in the end some fresh dill. Serve and enjoy with nice warm bread.

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