Felix – A tiny place in Navigli

It’s not a secret I am deeply in love with Milan and the Navigli area. It is like a micro cosmo where you can live your entire life without the need to go somewhere else in the city (ok for a short period perhaps, then you need to explore the city). Here you can find everything, believe me when I say everything you need. From nice groceries stores to bars and cafès for your breakfast croissant and cappuccino. You have a wide choice of restaurants: charming, ethnic specialities, sushi bars, hipster cafes, gelaterie and so on.

While walking I have noticed a nice and tiny cafè. So I decided to stop for a coffee before going to work. Nice, small and cozy that’s only I can say about Felix. The bar tender is a nice guy, the owner a smiling lady that helped me choosing the right sandwich for a light and tasty afternoon snack. I have opted for a vegetarian panino with smoked provolone cheese, rocket and nice mushrooms. And a fresh orange juice.

I sat outside where you can find nice tables and chairs and enjoy the view of Navigli, of people walking and enjoy the nice blue sky that the city can offer in spring. The quality of food here is really good for a nice snack but for breakfast too you can find soft and buttery croissants filled with jams, chocolate and cream so I also took a cornetto to bring home filled with apricoat jam and it was so delicious that I will definitely try another one this week end with a nice cappuccino.

The best part of this place is the cocktails and drink that they serve for the happy hour in the late afternoon, during the aperitivo time. A good mix of classic drinks and innovative ones served in nice glasses with dish of snacks.

I felt in love with this place for these reasons: the warm smile when you walk in for the first time, the view on Navigli but in a less crowded location, the tables outside with a selection of newspapers, the lovely service and last but not least the classy, original and dark coloured furniture inside.


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