Noodles Milan – Fusion food


Yes, I must admit: I am a sushi lover. I don’t know why but in the last months I could eat sushi almost everyday. Perhaps this is due to the fact that if you live in Milan it is one of the easiest way to feel full with little money, the all you can eat restaurant are everywhere and open until late. When I was living in Milan, every single (believe me, every single I say!) week end I had sushi. The disappointing fact was that I was always in the same places and with the all you can eat formula.

When approaching new cuisines I love to experiment so once I will have udon, then sashimi, then mochi desserts and so on. Not every time you have the right fellas with you to do so and in the end my standard choice was: one temaki, spicy salmon rolls and wakame salad.

I am back in Milan this month so a couple of days ago I was trying to find new inspiration about food. I wanted something light, I am eating no meat this time of the year due to upcoming Greek Easter but at the same time I wanted to try something different. I was walking in Navigli area and I found this little corner, black and red sign with a catchy name: Noodles. Let’s give a try! The speciality is of course noodles but it was a nice and warm day so I was not in a mood for soup or other first course. I have opted for a nice alternative: one salmon onigiri, a wakame salad and 4 salmon rolls.

The nice thing is that this place uses the Asian cuisine with a touch of Italian style: the salmon rolls where amazing with fresh basil and some Parmigiano! Believe me I am quite sure that raw salmon and Parmigiano sounds weird but the flavour was balances and the sauce they put on top of it was something extra! The onigiri was nice, filled with war salmon and some cream cheese, the rice is a little bit too sticky and after 4 rolls you feel extra full. The sea weed salad was nice with some cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds, a little bit too expensive in my opinion (6.5 euro is way too much guys, ok it’s huge but for one person you should give the “single” size).

The place is nice and you can also eat outside, you order inside and they will bring the food to your table. Quite expensive but worth it. Next time I will try some noodles for sure!

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