Baked artichokes

Artichokes are so good and if you carefully consider them they seem a difficult food to handle. How shall I cut them? Clean them? So often we prefer frozen ones. They are good but fresh ones are the best veggies of this months. When living in Rome every Saturday I went to the market at Campo dè Fiori, where you can find the best roman artichokes. They will cut the external leaves for you, so they are almost ready to be cooked. And they could also be quite cheap if you find the right seller.


In Rome they usually cook them with fresh mint, garlic and parsley. This time I decided to try something different, nice but easy.

Baked artichokes with bread crumbs, mint and parmesan

For 3 servings:

6 artichokes

1 slice of bread

1 clove garlic

some grated parmesan cheese (1 cup)

salt and pepper

fresh mint

extra virgin olive oil

First of all cut the external part of the artichokes which are quite hard. Put the artichokes into a bowl with water and lemon juice, this will prevent them from getting dark. Bring water to boil in a pot and cook the artichokes, previously cut into halves, for 10 minutes until tender. Let them drain on kitchen paper. Take a baking tray and put some foil in it.

Into your mixer blend bread, parmesan cheese, mint, the garlic clove, some salt and pepper and one table spoon olive oil. Take the bread crumbs and put them onto the artichokes. Bake in preheated oven at 180 °C for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Serve with a nice green salad and enjoy!


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