My Avocado toast

We must admit that even food follows fashion. What is mean is that almost suddenly some dishes become so cool that everyone is eating them. It has been like this for some “super foods”: acai, goji berries, maca, quinoa and so on. Now it’s the time of avocado.

We love it: from smoothies to nice and creamy choco mousse, raw avocado cakes to the classic of all times guacamole. I was a little suspicious when starting my liason with avo. I like the creamy texture, I love it in sushi rolls or temaki but I cannot cut an avocado and eat it the way it is. I need to mix it with something definitely!

Here is my version of super healthy latest trend: avocado toast. You can spread avocado on a nice whole wheat bread slice or you can cut it into thin slices. Dress with some salt, pepper and chili flakes. Add some sprouts, an egg (poached, fried or just hard boiled) and finish with some radishes, finely sliced. Here is my version of it plus other 5 ideas of how to enjoy your avo-toast!

1 – avocado toast with smoked salmon

2 – avo toast with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes, basil and some origano

3 – avo toast with pan fried egg and bacon slices

4 – avo toast with tomato and chili sauce and red onions

5 – avo toast with grilled chicken and chili sauce

More ideas can be fund on Istangram searching #avocadotoast. It is a nice and healthy snack, plus if you have 2 slices of it and a salad bowl it could be a great solution for quick dinner when you have no time to cook. Give it a try even for salty breakfast!

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