Gluten Free gnocchi

I am totally in love with gluten free pasta. I have not a a celiac disease but when I eat too much wheat products (especially pizza or pasta) I feel like I have eaten soooo much! I have noticed it a couple of years since now and in the beginning I thought it was because of the stress period I was facing with my job and personal life. I am still convinced that the poor quality of flour we are using, bleached ones, are one of the main reasons. Even if you do not have a real celiac disease it could be a good solution to try GF products.

I have tried bread and pizza. Pizza is not bad in the end, but I have noticed that you have to eat it immediately after taking it out of oven otherwise you it will be, strange…I cannot describe the taste, but I think it is due to rice flour. GF pasta instead is great! And I am almost eating only this type. The only disturbing thing is that you have to check the exact time while cooking it, otherwise it will be overcooked and it may be sticky. Spaghetti made with rice and corn flour are my new friends!

I saw in the supermarket shelves GF gnocchi and I was so curious because I love gnocchi, made with potatoes and flour. These type is made obviously with GF ingredients and are so easy, only 2 minutes cooking, they will be a great first course for the whole family. I have tried them with my fav veggie: spinach. Combine them with cherry tomatoes and a spoon of ricotta cheese. They will be so creamy and nice, the tomatoes will cook slowly and your GF pasta will be so happy to dive into this sauce!

For 2 servings:

160gr GF gnocchi

1 cup of baby spinach

1 cup of cherry tomatoes cut into halves

1/2 cup ricotta cheese or cream cheese

salt and pepper

extra virgin olive oil

Prepare the sauce first: into a pan with one spoon of olive oil slowly cook the tomatoes cut into halves, put some salt and pepper. Add the cream cheese or ricotta and add at the end the baby spinach leaves and leave them to cook for other 5 minutes.

Bring salty water to boil and cook the gnocchi (or follow the cooking instructions on the box), when they come onto the surface they are ready. Drain and serve with the creamy sauce. If you want you can also grate some parmesan on top of your pasta and it will taste great! Enjoy it.

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