10′ Mackerel pasta

Ok I must admit I haven’t written any post this week because I was…souping! What’s this?! Ok ok you know, you suddenly see that spring is here, which means that summer is very close, and you need to detox. Why they say detox, in reality you need to lose weight or just to feel fit, healthy and in a good shape. So I had this 3 days of souping, basically no solid food, only soups and yogurt for 1, 3 or even 5 days, according to your needs. Ok it was enough for me. So I’m back to real food. Come on, for one day it’s ok (especially after eating a cake of 2 kg with cream cheese and berries, but that’s another story).. Real food, I mean chewing is so…satisfying!

And I’m back to cooking. Last month thanks to the collaboration with a great group, I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD I received a huge box with anchovies and mackerel (preserved of course) with different flavours. So, beside the recipe I proposed them for a contest that is still going on, I was experimenting. I used to eat grilled mackerel in Greece, in August as it is said to be the best time of the year to enjoy fresh, salty and healthy mackerel on an Aegian Island. This time the recipe is a quick and easy pasta. You need only 3 ingredients: pasta of course (I use GF one, made of corn and rice flour), mackerel and some cherry tomatoes.

pasta con sgombro (1 di 1).jpg

Ingredients for 2 servings:

160 gr pasta (I used spaghetti or even linguini, long type is better)

1 canned mackerel – if you can find the spicy one is amazing with an entire red hot chili

6 cherry tomatoes

extra vergin olive oil


Bring a pot of water to boil. In the meantime on a medium heat put spoon of olive oil, add the cherry tomatoes cut into halves and let them cook slowly for 5 minutes. Then add the mackerel, drained if the can contains water or oil. Cover and let it cook for 5 more minutes.

Cook pasta, following the time on the box (around 10-12 minutes if it is a thicker type than spaghetti). Drain pasta and add to the mackerel sauce. Dress with some extra olive oil or with pepper. And it’s ready.

I know it may not sound like a real recipe. It is more likely a survive recipe for students, but believe me, I know people of my age that do not know even how to cook pasta. So this is a good start for everyone, the fish is ready, you just need to boil pasta and cut the tomatoes! And it’s a perfect solution for the ones that work until late and say that they do not have time to cook. Pasta will be ready while you take a shower or while you call mum! So this means to be multitasking 😉 Enjoy!

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