Origano Rome – Feeling at home

From left to right: vegan salad with tofu, apple vegan cake, a good glass of Merlot wine

The first week of 2016 I have spent almost twenty days living in a hotel. It was quite weird I have to admit. But in the end I was lucky enough to find a nice place, clean and in one of the best neighbourhoods in Rome: Campo de’ Fiori.

While working hard all day long in the evening I had this urgent need to discover the city, to walk and walk for miles and to eat of course as I was always (believe me always means 24/24) hungry. So close to the hotel were a couple of places, a typical restaurant, a salad bar, a patisserie and this place… I noticed it one evening after a bad day in the office. The evening when you only need to have a nice dish of pasta, a glass of wine and you want to disconnect from the rest of the world. I saw that the place was not very crowded on that Tuesday so I decided to enter.

They say: “You enter a restaurant and you will leave home”. Well in the end this place became one of my fav spots in the city. I went there couple of times alone, then with one of my best friends I have made in Rome and again with my super Mexican flat mate. Every single time, wether alone or with someone, the service was amazing. Smiling people, friendly environment, wide variety of food (a plus: vegan food and GF pasta available). I have tried almost everything from the menù: pasta, salads, grilled meat, pasta, desserts, wine and cookies.

I have always believed that if you want to make a restaurant Your place try to be friendly with the people that work in there, try to talk to the owner, try everything from the menù and bring new people with you every time you come back. What I love about this place is the location: so close to the fancy Campo de’ Fiori but not so crowded (and with crazy people around you, that could be annoying let’s be honest), the variety of food, the prices (very important if you travel on a budget), the staff (if you open the door and see a smiling girl or guy it’s my place, definitely!), the desserts and last but not least you can see the pizza corner where they prepare the ingredients and bake your pizza.

As I am a single traveller finding a place where you feel at home makes me so happy that I want to share my experience with everyone. A place where you can enjoy a good glass of wine (or a bottle why not) with no hurry. A place where the waiter is not annoying and where, even if you are a girl eating alone, you can enjoy a nice meal it’s the place to be!

Visit Origano in Rome:

Origano Campo de’ Fiori
Largo dei Chiavari, 83/84
00186 – ROME


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