Fasolakia Yiahni -Green Beans


I am so much into Greek food these last weeks. It is like I am trying to re-discover my origins, to find my Greek roots. And food has always played a major role in my family. I still remember yia-yia (grandma) chopping onions, cooking meat or spanakorizo (rice with fresh spinach) or preparing desserts with honey and syrup. I can still smell the perfume of orange zest cut and boiled with sugar and water.

And now I am in this sabbatic month I have decided to re discover all the recipes (or most of them9 that my family cooked when I was a little girl, traveling in the north of Greece (Veroia, Edessa, Thessaloniki, Kastoria, Preveza or Katerini in the summer) to central Greece, where my homie is now in Volos. I can still remember the first time I went to Volos, I was 11 years old and everything, the food, people and the landscape was so different from what I have seen until then. Here I have learnt to cook, to fish and to taste raw sea food, to eat grapes from my plants, to produce olive oil and to buy cheese from the shepherd. Here I made true friends, learnt to dive and to fish sea urchins  and how to choose the right fish for Kakavià, the fish soup served in the village.

Among the recipes I love more there is also this one: fasolakia yiahni. Green beans with chopped onions, tomato sauce and parsley. It is such a simple dish but believe me the combination of tomatoes and onions with the best olive oil gives a special twist to this dish. Plus it is very healthy, you can serve it with feta cheese or as many do with beef casserole. But you can enjoy it as a main dish, and it is perfect for Lent period as it is vegan, meatless and dairy free.

Ingredients for 4 servings

500gr green beans

1 can tomato sauce

10 cherry tomatoes, cut into halves

salt and pepper

fresh parsley

1 cup olive oil

1 red onion

Chop the onion or dice it if you prefer. Put two table spoons of oil into a deep frying pan and put the onion into it. Let it cook slowly for a couple of minutes. Add the beans that you have previously washed under cold water. Add the tomato sauce and the cherry tomatoes. Add the remaining olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook slowly for 30 minutes on a medium heat.

In the end put the fresh parsley finelly chopped and serve with bread. Enjoy!IMG_20160302_113856

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