Rome my fav spots

Yes I have stopped blogging in order to move to Rome. Why? Because I worked nearly 12 hours per day in a communication agency. Rome has been an amazing adventure, both thrilling both scary for some reasons.

I moved there, lived 1 month in a two star hotel, I’ve met great people but I also realized how sneaky some people could be, how man confuse the fact that you are nice to them with the impression that you mean something more…no way, sorry.

I have also had great food experiences, trying real local food, going to the market to buy fruit, talked to the butcher how to cook lamb, bought flowers and found my fav spot for breakfast.

I will write more and post more pics about Rome in my next few posts but now I really want to write about one of the first places I  have met during my stay, as it was in between my hotel and the last place I have stayed in. This cafè, bar, wine bar, restaurant…the place to be is Buddy Rome. Friendly, cozy with an international atmosphere (thanks to the American guys you can find chilling in it on a Saturday morning). A place where you can eat a pizza with your flatmate or a place where you can have a tea with a friend on a week end afternoon. A wide variety of food, from vegan to healthy choices including vegan bruschetta or smoothies and fresh juices. You can also eat for lunch with a buffet formula, choosing between two pasta choices and choose also from a wide variety of veggies, pizza, soup of the day and even cakes and croissants in the end.

I first went there to have breakfast one Saturday morning and it was so relaxing after a hard working week: bread, egg (you can choose how hard it has to be boiled), american coffee and orange juice. Then I came back for lunch. I returned with Andrea, a friend of mine living in Rome. Then again for lunch the day I left my job and on my last day I had lunch with my flatmate Magda, that enjoyed a special pinsa (a sort of pizza, with a flour mixture that make it crunchy and so tasty).

The warm welcome of the girls make you feel home and the quality of food is so good, yet affordable even if the neighborhood is quite touristic (between Sant’Andrea della Valle, Pantheon and Piazza Navona).

If you ever travel to Rome do not forget to have lunch there, there is also a wide variety of coffees and combination for breakfast you can choose (from pancakes to croissants or a healthy acai bowl).

Buddy Italian Restaurant

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 105, 00186 Roma



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